So this is me, of course I can't resist a selfie with the 'client'.

Furry, scaly and everything in between I am here to capture the unique personality of your pet! Photographing the cute and fun moments your pet has in the studio, I work with a range of editorial lighting and portrait styles that portray their character in the best light.

All my work is studio based and I try to make every animal as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Most animals are un-phased by the lighting and equipment but if needed there is always time for them to settle and be introduced to the studio slowly. You can read more below about the studio. 


Pets of all types and sizes welcome. I work with editorial and stylised lighting that brings out fur and other details. The studio space offers a lounge joined to an open shooting area with multiple background colours. You can request specific styles before you book your shoot.

You can watch the video to see some of the animals in action. Most of them tend to make themselves at home and explore the space in their own time.

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